Barr Freight Systems, Inc. - Your Link to Chicago and Beyond
Barr Freight Systems, Inc. - Your Link to Chicago and Beyond


A Family Company Dedicated to Excellence In Full-Service Transportation and Logistics

Barr Freight System is a family owned and operated transportation company offering a full range of trucking, material and container handling, storage and logistics, serving customers from throughout the world with distribution in the greater Chicago and Midwestern markets.

The family traces its history in the industry to 1941, when Sam J. Barranco purchased Freeport Fast Freight, Inc., an existing trucking operation with a handful of employees and equipment. Through hard work and determination, Sam enacted the American Dream, building a significant trucking company and thereby establishing a foundation for future generations of the family to build upon. His sons, John and Bill, subsequently joined the company and have helped to continue its growth.

In 1965, John and Bill started a trailer leasing corporation which has now been in operation for more than 40 years. Then in l980, the Barranco brothers established Barr Freight System as a contract carrier, and shortly thereafter filed and received authority to operate as a common carrier, thus establishing a framework for providing additional services to customers.

As both companies grew in size and complexity, it was determined that each needed a separate management focus. On this basis, John took the reins of the leasing operation and Bill concentrated on the development of Barr Freight System.

Today, Bill, together with his three sons and a nephew, manage the diverse services of Barr Freight System. Thus, a family enterprise in its third generation--empowered by a tradition of hard work and unity of purpose in delivering outstanding service--continues to flourish in a demanding competitive environment.

Over the years, the company has evolved and expanded, as the transportation industry has adapted to the increasingly sophisticated, technology-driven demands of a global marketplace.

Barr Freight was established in 1980 as a contract carrier handling truckload traffic exclusively. In a few years the company filed with the Interstate Commerce Commission to operate as a common carrier, thus deriving certification to handle less-than-truckload (LTL) in addition to truckload traffic.

When the trucking industry was deregulated in the mid 80s, we reevaluated our core services, and recognizing growth trends in intermodal global shipping and distribution, filed with the U.S. Customs Service to become a certified U.S. Cartman and a Custom Freight Station.

Reflecting our expanded scope, we added a 64,000-foot warehouse facility for both short and long-term storage. We also provide advanced logistics/tracking systems for efficiently handling nationwide traffic on customers’ behalf, along with facilities for heavy-freight materials and containers on special-built chassis.

With the family working together in a singular focus on excellence—and another generation coming along—Barr Freight System is dedicated to providing customers with exemplary services and vital support for their success in efficiently getting products to market. Indeed, Barr Freight is family—and when you do business with us, you’re family as well. Welcome!